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About CSV Import

You can migrate existing data from other issue trackers or databases to Comindware Tracker. Data migration is accomplished through a CSV (comma-separated value) type file. Any Excel file can be stored as a CSV file. You can also update existing tasks or documents in a particular Comindware Tracker application with new data from a CSV file.


  • Quick migration process of all data from previous issue tracking system
  • Seamless migration: nothing will be lost or forgotten
  • Bulk update of existing Comindware Tracker tasks and documents with new fields

How it works

You have created one or more CSV files that contain data from your previous issue tracking system.

You add the CSV file to Comindware Tracker and map CSV file fields to Comindware Tracker fields.

If you need to add a new field to existing tasks or documents in an app, you also map an existing Comindware Tracker field to a new field. A Comindware Tracker field should be created beforehand.


Migration from your previous issue tracking system to Comindware Tracker.

Who can perform CSV Import

Comindware administrators

Preliminary steps

  • Comindware Tracker Full license added (for on-premises software version)
  • Users and user groups created
  • Product keys for Comindware Tracker Full license assigned to users
  • Workspace created, workspace participants added
  • Application created and configured
  • CSV file containing data from another database