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Abоut Creating Tasks And Docs From E-mail Messages

Your tasks and documents can be automatically created directly from e-mail messages sent to a particular e-mail address associated with an application. As soon as you send an e-mail into such group, the e-mail becomes a task or document. The name will be the e-mail subject, and the body of the e-mail will become a task or doc description. E-mail attachments will be converted into a task or doc attachment.

This feature may be useful in a number of ways, for example:

  • your staff can e-mail hardware or software problems to your company’s Help Desk department, and the e-mails will be converted into Help Desk Requests,
  • your staff can send document preparation requests to the Human Resources or Financial departments, and the e-mails will be converted into Document Requests.
  • external customers can e-mail problems to the Technical Support Team, and the e-mails will be converted into Support Incidents.

Who can configure creation of items from e-mails

Comindware administrators

Preliminary steps

  • Comindware Tracker Full license added (for on-premises software version)
  • Users and user groups added
  • Product keys for Comindware Tracker Full license assigned to users
  • Workspace created, workspace participants added
  • Applications created and configured