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Users cannot get into Comindware Project after the server hardware is changed

If you have upgraded your server hardware or re-installed Comindware Project on a different machine, you may suddenly discover that nobody can log into your product instance. 

The issue is that when you activate Comindware Project on your server, your license kays are tied to your current server hardware ID. Thus you can be sure no one will steal your license key and use it on another machine.  Therefore, if you change the hardware on this server (get a faster processor or add more RAM for better performance) or put the product on another server, your new hardware ID won’t match the one recorded into your keys.

In this case Comindware support team can help you to change the hardware ID for your license keys and make them usable again.

Before you fire the request off to the helpdesk, please don’t forget to generate the file with your new hardware information.

To get the file with your new hardware ID, temporarily switch off the Internet connection on your machine and open Comindware Project in your browser. The “Add Product Key” window will come up. Paste your keys into it and click on the “Obtain file” button to get the “ActivationRequest.txt” file with the new hardware parameters:

Add Product Key

Now you can send a request to the support team. Just don’t forget to attach this file to your message. We’ll update your keys so you can re-use them for activating Comindware Project on your new machine.