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Comindware Tracker Audit Log

As a Comindware Tracker administrator, you can always obtain a detailed log of significant user management and system activity events that happen in the system. Imagine a situation when one of your users loses access to one of crucial applications with some essential documents inside.

Another example could be a user losing the ability to log in to the system altogether. In general, we are talking about practically any situation where you want to see who created Apps/ Workspaces/Users, who edited their permission settings and when. To investigate events like that, you will want to see a log of activities made to users/workspaces and application. In Comindware Tracker this log is called the "Audit Log".

Audit log is created by Comindware Tracker as soon as you log in as an administrator for the very first time and after that it’s constantly updated with all the relevant events happening in the system. It contains records of all major events in your system, e.g. user creation, user group removal or application change.

Thus, if you unexpectedly cannot find an application or a workspace, check the audit log first: perhaps one of your managers occasionally deleted it. Don’t worry about such mistakes though; you can always restore the application and all items in it using one of your recent database backups.


When you make a backup of your database, the audit log is backed up as well. So, if you rollback to a previous backup, all records added to the log after that backup will be gone.


You can get the Audit Log at any time in the account administration area. Once there, click on the “Get Audit Log” button on the panel.
The log will be downloaded and saved to your computer as a CSV file. 


Below is the list of events recorded by the Audit Log:


  • User created
  • User edited (changes in the following fields are logged: Login name, Full name, E-mail, Password)
  • User deleted
  • User added into a group
  • User removed from a group

User groups:

  • User group created
  • User group edited
  • User group deleted
  • Group added into a group
  • Group removed from a group


  • Application created
  • Application edited
  • Application deleted


  • Workspace created
  • Workspace edited
  • Workspace deleted


Roles and Permissions:

  • User added to a system/workspace/app permission group
  • User removed from a system/workspace/app permission group
  • Group added to a system/workspace/app permission group
  • Group removed from a system/workspace/app permission group

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