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Creating a Task Or Document By E-mail

To create a task or document by e-mail:

1. Start a new message in your e-mail client. For example, to create a new e-mail message in Microsoft Outlook, open Microsoft Outlook and press CTRL+SHIFT+M.
2. Enter the recipient e-mail address in the To box. The e-mail address should be associated with a particular application in Comindware Tracker. This should be previously done by Comindware administrator.
3. In the Subject box, type the subject of the message. E-mail subject will be converted to the name of the Comindware task or document.
4. In the body text of an e-mail message will be converted to the Description of the Comindware task or document.
5. You can add attachments to the e-mail message. E-mail attachments will be converted into a Comindware task or document attachment.

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