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Step 4: Create an Application

Applications create, keep, and organize tasks or docs of the same type. There are three types of applications in Comindware Tracker:

applications to create and store workflow tasks, or Workflow Apps. A workflow task is something which requires attention of several people in turn in your department, for example, a customer claim, a tracking issue, a help desk request.
applications to create and store different tasks scattered across your team, or Tasks Apps.
applications to create and store documents of the same type, or Documents Apps, for example, wiki articles in a wiki library or customer records in a customer base.

Open a workspace, in the left part of the window click Create application... and choose the application type. Specify the app name, description, click Save. Then configure the app settings: what information app items should keep, how they should look like, and how they should be processed. Add app members and assign security permissions to them.

See About applications.

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