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Setting Up E-mail Notifications

An application owner can create an e-mail notification scheme to notify Comindware users and user groups when a task or a document which belongs to this application changes or an event occurs.

To set up e-mail notifications for an application:

1. Click E-mail Notifications inside an application.
2. Double-click on an event type, and choose notification recipients who will receive an e-mail notification when the event occurs:
o Creator: an e-mail notification will be sent to task or document creator.
o Current assignee: an e-mail notification will be sent to the person who currently owns the task or document.
o All Followers: an e-mail notification will be sent to users who follow task\document progress (i.e. who clicked the Follow button for this task).
o Other Comindware users and user groups: select a user or a user group who will receive the notifications on the selected event.
3. Click Save.
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Setting the e-mail notification scheme

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