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Configuring an Export Template

You can export your items to Microsoft Word or Excel:

Supported file formats are .docx and .xlsx (MS Word/Excel 2007, 2010, 2013).
By default, Comindware Tracker exports items to MS Word .docx files, using default Word export templates according to the item type.
You can upload custom templates in the .docx or .xlsx format to change the look of your documents/workbooks exported. The export templates contain mapping to Comindware Tracker fields and a preconfigured document/workbook layout.

To configure an export template file:

1. Create a new Microsoft Word/Excel 2007, 2010, or 2013 document/workbook (*.docx or *.xlsx) which will be the export template file.
2. Create your template layout, entering labels for the data you want to export from Comindware Tracker.
3. Fill in your layout with variables which are to be replaced with actual data in export files. There are three patterns of variables:




returns a value of a text field


returns a value of a field of the Reference type


returns a list of attachments

where field identifier is the identifier which you can find in the field information: Application setup  -> Fields -> double click on the field.

4. Design a nice look for your template: Styles, fonts, font sizes. Add your company logo into it.
5. Save the export template file.
Word export template and results of the export.

Word export template and results of the export.

Now you need to upload the template into Comindware Tracker. If necessary, create more templates with these steps.

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