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Creating Parallel Tasks In a Workflow

Parallel tasks are useful for splitting large or complex work in a workflow step into several tasks. Parallel tasks allow task assignees to complete tasks in any order without depending on one person creating a task before the second. Your workflow step is not complete until all parallel tasks are complete.

Example: An on-boarding checklist for a new employee. In the On-Boarding workflow step, you can create several tasks which will be executed in parallel, for example:

an employee completes the Personal Data Form
the IT team sets up the computer, phone, software
the Office Management team provides a new employee with office supplies
the Security office creates a permanent parking permit for a new employee
the employee's manager schedules an employee to attend the Employee Orientation program.

To create parallel tasks:

1. Double click a required step, and click Responsible Persons in the left area of the Step Properties window.
2. Select the Assign tasks and prepopulate task fields check box.
3. Click the Create Parallel Task... button.
4. Specify the task settings.
5. When finished, click Save.

Repeat this procedure for each parallel task.

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