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About Workspaces

A workspace is an area for a team, project or department to manage different activities in this team or project.

For example, in a software development company you may have a Support Workspace for the Support team, a QA Workspace for the QA team, a Product Management Workspace for Product Managers, and a Human Resources Workspace.

Each workspace includes applications where tasks and documents are created and stored along with interactive charts, and lists of tasks and documents.

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Custom workspaces

Who can configure workspaces

Create workspace: Comindware administrators, Comindware architects

Configure workspace: Comindware administrators, Comindware architect who created this workspace or other Comindware architects who have been granted workspace owners' permissions for the workspace.

Preliminary steps

Comindware Tracker Full license added (for on-premises installation)
Users and user groups added into Comindware Tracker
Product keys for Comindware Tracker Full license assigned to users

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