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About Single Sign-On

The single sign-on feature allows a user to log in once in Comindware Tracker without being prompted to log in again next time when a user wants to access Comindware Tracker.

Single sign-on benefits:

Reducing password fatigue from different user name and password combinations
Reducing time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity
Reducing IT costs due to the lower number of IT help desk calls about passwords

To enable the single sign-on feature, a Comindware administrator should modify the web.config file in the Comindware Tracker installation folder. As soon as the file is configured, each Comindware Tracker user who would like to use this feature must configure their web browser by adding the Comindware Tracker URL to the list of trusted web sites.

External users cannot use the single sign-on feature.

Who can enable Single Sign-On

Comindware administrators

Preliminary steps

Comindware Tracker Full license added (for on-premises software version)

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