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Tracking a Project

Comindware is using predictive Gantt-chart that automatically reschedules the remainder of the work, so that the overall plan constantly remains up-to-date and shows the real status of your project – as well as actual estimated milestones and finish date. Learn more about Predictive Gantt-Chart.

Thus Comindware Project prevents project managers from being over-optimistic.

In the Gantt-Chart all the undone work is shifted to the future:

What other tools can help you with Project tracking:

Task traces

Use task traces to see which tasks are in progress:

A task starts leaving a trace when someone starts logging time on it
Compare traces to baselines to see if a task is on time or was rescheduled.


Use deadlines to make sure tasks are completed on time:

Set deadlines for tasks
Deadlines are displayed on a Gantt-Chart
Overdue tasks become red.


Use baselines to compare actual project progress to what was planned.

Create baselines after major plan changes
Compare current progress to different baselines.


Use reports to get additional info on project progress:

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