Comindware Project Quick Start in 11 Steps

Comindware Project is a state of the art project management solution powered up with Comindware Team Network – collaboration and execution solution that increases employees’ engagement.

This is a quick start guide into Comindware Project and Comindware Team Network.

1. Create a project.

2. (Optional) Invite project members.

3. Create tasks or import tasks from a Microsoft Project file.

Create tasks

4. Move tasks up and down to setup their priority. Project is scheduled automatically for you avoiding resource conflicts. Learn more how Automated Priority Based Planning works.

Automated planning

5. (Optional) Manage tasks using visual Work Breakdown structure.


6. Discuss any project matters right here in the project Activity. Learn more about Activity.


7. Check Workload. It helps you find out resource conflicts and resolve them by allocating resources to particular projects. Learn more about Workload Management.


8. Use timesheets to track time spent on the projects. Learn more about Timesheets.


9. Use predictive Gantt-chart to track your projects progress. Learn more about Predictive Gantt-Chart.

10. Use reports to track your projects. Learn more about Project Reporting.

Project Reporting

11. Use Rooms to discuss matter across and beyond Projects. Learn more about Rooms.


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